How the Custom Home-Building Process Really Works

There are lots of benefits to buying a new home—like modern designs, builder-backed warranties, brand-new appliances (brand new everything), and customization options. And with so many new buyers flocking to the Pittsburgh area these days, inventory is running low, which means you might not be finding that perfect home on the resale market.

But beware when buying homes from big-box tract builders; they can be overpriced and even low quality. But if there’s no inventory and buying new construction is out, what options are left? How about custom building your very own home? There’s no better way to get exactly the home you want at a good quality and at a price that also fits your budget.

Here’s how the custom home-building process really works.

Step 1: Talk to your Realtor.

Young couple talking to a real estate agents about purchasing a house. Don’t try to go it alone. Work with a real estate agent who can recommend local builders who offer competitive pricing for high-quality work. A Realtor can also help you determine what kind of financing you should use, and which neighborhoods, communities, or areas you consider for your home.

Step 2: Meet with your builder to discuss your needs.

Discussion with a real estate agent at the officeThe next step is to start working with a builder. You’ll discuss your needs (like the home size and style you require, amenities you’d prefer, and whether you’ll be able to build in your desired location) and your budget (whether the home you want will fit comfortably into your budget, and whether your mortgage will cover it).

Step 3: Buy your land.

finding land to buyAfter you’ve narrowed down your location with your Realtor and your home specifications with your builder, it’s time to find the perfect piece of land, and buy it. You’ll work with both your realtor (to find the right piece of land in the right neighborhood or area) and your builder (to ensure that the home you want will fit and can be built on that particular terrain).

Step 4: Design your dream home.

beautiful dream homeNow comes the fun part! Work with your builder to customize a preset design or model they build with, or completely design a home from scratch. You’ll get to determine how many rooms you need, how many floors, where the master bedroom will be, whether you’ll have a basement or an attic, and more!

Step 5: Select your amenities.

your perfect gourmet kitchenHone in on your design and work out all the details. Choose your flooring options, choose tile for your bathroom and kitchen, pick appliances, add aesthetic and architectural details, determine your wall colors, select crown molding… there are hundreds of options you can choose to tailor your home to your exact wants, needs, and tastes.

Step 6: Build (AKA wait).

building your dream homeWatch and wait (and try to be patient) as your land is cleared, the foundation is laid, and the walls of your dream home go up!

Step 7: Enjoy your new home.

Happy man lifting woman in new houseIt’s all yours, designed to your exact specifications, down to the very last details! It’s everything you want and need in the perfect home.

Thinking of Custom Building a Home in Pittsburgh?

Want to know more about buying a home, buying land, or custom building a home in the Pittsburgh area? Then it’s time to contact Pittsburgh Joe! I can help you learn more about life in Pittsburgh and buying a home here, better understand the home-building process, explore homes for sale in Pittsburgh, and even connect you with some of the top custom home builders in the area!

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