How a Realtor Can Help You Realize Your Dreams of Building a Custom Home

beautiful custom home in the south hillsSo, you’ve decided to build your own custom home in the South Hills area of Pittsburg. Now what? You might be wondering whether it’s time to call a real estate agent—or whether you even need to use an agent if you’re custom building. The answer is YES! And here’s why.

Why Use a Realtor When Building a Custom Home?

The bottom line is—builders are trying to maximize their profits, not to help you. On the other hand, a Realtor’s legal responsibility is to serve your best interests. That means that they’re going to work on your behalf to get you the best deal, and the best product, possible. Plus, the sales commission is built into the price of the home. You decide whether the builder gets it or your agent gets it.

What Do Agents Really Do in New Home Transactions?

realtor explaining the process of building a custom homeAn agent will assure that your best interests are always represented, at every meeting or inspection, every step of the way. They’ll negotiate for you, on price, on extra features, and more. They’ll provide comparable sales to make sure you’re not overpaying for your home. And an agent experienced with new construction will know if something is amiss at each phase of building.

Agents Provide Sources & Recommendations

One of the most helpful things an agent can do, especially if you’re new to the area, is provide recommendations for the local vendors or suppliers you’ll need for building your home. This includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, mortgage brokers and lenders, home inspectors, home decorators, materials suppliers, and more. An experienced local Realtor will know the reputation of many local builders and architects and can help you find one that will build a quality home at a good price.

Agents Help You Choose a Location & Buy Land

Before you start building, or even drawing up the plans, you’ve got to settle on a location! Your Realtor will help you determine realtor showing neighborhood good for building a custom homewhat you’re looking for in a community or neighborhood, and can provide expert insight into local areas—from the top schools to the best grocery stores. An experienced agent will also know which neighborhoods are likely to retain their value and remain in-demand in the coming years, and which could prove problematic when it comes time to sell.

Agents Provide Helpful Home Advice

Agents can provide priceless insight into home trends (or problems) that might affect the resale value of your home down the road. You and your builder might not be concerned with how your design choices will affect your home value, but a good realtor won’t be afraid to make suggestions or offer opinions on which trends add value, or which might be too extravagant for your neighborhood.

realtor explaining contracts when building a custom homeAgents Help You Understand All the Fine Print

Just like in any home sale, a new home contract will have quite a substantial amount of legalese that most buyers won’t understand. Having a Realtor by your side means you’ll have someone to help you understand the contract in its entirety, as well as specific clauses and stipulations, before you sign anything.

Thinking of Building a Custom Home in the South Hills?

If you’re thinking of building your own custom home in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, then it’s time to contact Pittsburgh Joe! From answering all your questions about building a custom home to helping you find the perfect piece of land in just the right community to recommending local builders, I’m here to ensure smooth sailing from start to finish!

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